CNC operator cum Mastercam programmer

SINGAPORE WANTED: S-PASS(India to Singapore)
CNC Operator cum Mastercam Programmer
Manufacturing Company
Age:Below 45 years old
Housing Allowance:$500
Working Hours:8.30am-5.30pm(Mon-Fri)
OT:1.5 ( Frequent OT)
Transport allowance provided $300.
1. Minimum 1-2years experience
2. Able to work independently
3. Must be able to do programming
4. Need to do turning and milling
*Location:Nearby Clementi*

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  1. Contact no +918601678320

    On Thu, Nov 18, 2021, 10:06 Sri Venkateswara Jobs wrote:

    > Sri Venkateswara posted: ” SINGAPORE WANTED: S-PASS(India to Singapore)CNC > Operator cum Mastercam ProgrammerManufacturing CompanyGender:MaleAge:Below > 45 years oldSalary:$2300-2500Housing Allowance:$500Working > Hours:8.30am-5.30pm(Mon-Fri)Off-days:8days/monthOT:1.5 ( Frequent OT)Tra” >


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