General Worker for super market, Dish washer, Class3 Driver -Singapore

E Pass
General Worker
Super Market
12 hrs duty
Monthly 2 days off
Now in S Pass or previously in S Pass also can apply
100% approval

Now Apply
S Pass
12 hrs duty
After 12 hrs considered as overtime
Monthly 2 days off
Work in Star Hotel
Wp with diploma also can apply

S Pass (or) E Pass
Class3 delivery driver (Needs to delivery whisky , Beer, Rum etc…)
Salary:1500$ + Accommodation provided( will get 50$+ allowance to load and unloding carbon boxes)
12 to 15 hrs duty
Monthly can earn upto 1800$ to 2000$
Food needs to cook with collegues who work over the company
When Delivery with Beer Whisky, Rum one person will com along with driver to help it out
Must be know sg routes and hardworking and sincere and good attitude
CAN EARN GOOD Package must be 27 yrs below and willing to work long hours interview directly face to face)

No Need Qualification

Wp worker also can apply

100% Approval

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