Cnc machinist cum programmer (india to Singapore) and Singapore Transfer work orders

Restaurant general worker (F&P)
Spass Epass or special pass worker can apply(immediately joining)
> Salary – S$1200
>duty – 10 to 12 hrs
>Lodging and meal provided
Worker must in Singapore

Cnc machinist cum programmer
Salary 2400 to 3000 depends on experience
Accomodation: company condo (worker pay $280 per month)
Working hours 830am to 530 pm – sat 830am to 1230pm
Ot 1.5
Location tuas
Knowledge and good experience in cnc programing and machining is a must

Must be in Singapore.
SP design engineer (must be Spass)
Salary: 1400 Accommodation: 300. Transport allowance $3 per day, meal allowance $3 per day of overtime more than 2 hours
Working hours: 8:30-5:30, Sunday off. After 44 hours is overtime. Average salary 2800
Requirements: doing solidworks. Perform mechanical automation design with 3D CAD and 2D drafting using Solidworks.

S pass Transfer
Only in Singapore
Interior company hiring site coordinator
Pay 2.4k above depends experience.
Free Stay in factory.
Mon-sat 8-7pm Sun 1.5x
Off 4days
Must have valid class 3 license.
Jobscope requirements: drive workers to job sites, assist manager in planning work, report job sites matters to manager.
Contact with subcontractors, ensure site works are in proper manner.
Must have at least 1year experience at interior company. Must have Diploma and above.

S pass transfer only
Position: Factory installer (with zero experience with a master)
Gender: male, under 35 years old
Time: 8:30-5:30pm, more overtime
Salary: basic salary of $900 + Accommodation allowance of $200
Rest: 6 days off a month (overtime is paid for overtime, according to government regulations)
Requirements: The main wiring control panel installation (wiring control panel), need to see the drawings for installation, experience is preferred, and a master will learn
Willing to work overtime, strong learning ability, refer to the normal panel of the picture
Comprehensive income: above $2000
Location: Ulan

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