Prime Mover Driver, Electrician, Class 3Driver -Singapore

New job order 2021
Logistics Firm require 1 Prime Mover Driver
Prime Mover Driver
Gross Salary $$2800-$3000
Working hours 12
Rest 4 days per month
Age 45 below
2 years experience as prime mover
Currently in Singapore
Currently under Spass

$200 Housing Allowance
OT Available
8 Hours per Day Working and 5.5 days working
Monthly Off 4 Days per week, Must have experience as a professional electrician, and have related certs in Mechatronics,
Company Location: Tuas, company give annual leave and sick leave.
Worker Stay in Singapore
S-Pass to S-Pass Only

1. Company name: Logistics Company
2 Gender: Male around 30 (Indian)
3. Pass type: SP
4. Position: *Class-3 Driver*
5. Several names: 1
6. Working time: 8a.m-6p.m (Mon-Fri)8a.m-3p.m(Sat)
7. Monthly holiday: 6 days
8. Salary: 1800+200(Attendance)
9. Other benefits:
10. Food and lodging: No
11. Scope of work: all work in the factory
12. Employer’s requirements: more than 3 years of experience in Singapore, able to use google map.Have Singapore Driving license .Hard-working, can cooperate with other positions to obey the arrangement.
13: Work location: North
Worker Must Stay in Singapore
S-Pass to S-Pass Only

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