Singapore Demands

Fine Dining Restaurant Parota Master
Salary $1300
Food and Lodging Provided
Working Hours 12
Rest 2 days per month

  • 40 below
  • Experience in parota
    Currently in Singapore under Spass
    (Little India)
    Attach Video and photo
    Can apply immediately

Renovation Company



Salary $1600(Gross up to $3000)

Lodging $200
Working hours
Mon to fri 830am-530pm
Sat 830am – 130pm
Overtime 1.5
Lunch break 1hr
Rest Sunday

  • Age below 40
  • 3-5 year Experience in Carpentry
  • Independent Carpentry
  • Able to read blueprint and Diagram
  • Calculation of materials needed
    (Ang Mo Kio )

Must be currently in Singapore under Spass

Apply Early January 2021

Construction Company
Construction General Worker
S pass
Male 1
Age: Below 45 years old
Basic Salary: $780 – $1000 (Depending on the skills)
Working Hours: 8am-5pm (Mon-Sat)
Rest day: 4 days
*OT Allowance: 1.5x
*Average OT Hours: 2 hours min per day
*Lodging: Provided
*Client is a general service company.
*Worker must be willing to do general work
*Higher chance if worker have c3 license (DONT NEED TO DO ANY DRIVING)
*Worker will be given SPASS

Manufacturing Company
Furniture Carpenter
S pass
Male 2
Age: Below 45 years old
Basic salary: $1500-$1800
Standard working hours based on basic Salary: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
No of rest day per month: 4 days
Overtime: 1.5X
Lodging: Provided
Working location: Ang Mo Kio

  • Must know how to see drawings
  • Must know which type of materials
  • Company got many OT

candidate must be in Singapore

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