Singapore Demands

New job order URGENT
Engineering company require 1 Conventional Turner
Basic $1600 (Gross up to $3000)
Housing $200
Overtime $10/hr
Working hour 8:30am to 6pm
Rest 4 days
Requirements :
Age 40 below
Able to setup and operate machine independently
Able to read drawings
Listen to employer instructions (Bedok) Currently under Spass in Singapore

Transfer worker
EP Indian Chef
Salary: $1800+$150 housing
Hour of work :Working 12 hrs
Off days : Monthly 2 off
Job scope : Cooking in Central kitchen Knowledge of South Indian Cusine Must have cusine in cooking.

Today most urgent orders
1) Pending orders
Spass transfer worker only
General worker 1000 +200 + food
12hrs ,2days off
Spass worker only

2) General worker
Spass holder only 1300+200

12hrs work ,2days off

Sofa renovation carpenter work

No need exp General work ok

3) class4 driver cum General worker

1800 + 400 allowance +acc

12hrs work ,2days off

Pipe and cable company

Must do loading and unloading job

Overall 3000 can Most urgent

4) Spass holder only can apply

Cleaner cum class3

Salary 1700 +250

12hrs ,2days off

80% cleaning job 20% driving

6)Spass order class 3

Only spass holder 1) class 3 cum Electrician 2) class3 cum Aircon 3)class3 cum plumber Salary 1800 SD +acc 12hrs works 4days off Must go direct interview and pay 500 advance.

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