Singapore Spass Requirements


1. Company name:. food factory
2. Gender: Male
3. Pass type: Spass
4. Position: General worker
5. Several: 1
6. Working hours: 12 hours
7. Month off: 2 days
8. Salary expenses: $1300
9. Other benefits: 7 days of annual leave ,no public leave
10. Food and accommodation: food provided , no accommodation
11. Scope of work: all work in the factory
12. Employer requirements: be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and obey company arrangements
13: Working location: the area around Jurong Fish Factory
Must have worker stay in Singapore
I need only S-Pass live or Special Pass Candidates
I Need Minimum 2 Years Driving Experience


Logistics Company require one Class 3 Delivery driver cum General Worker
Salary $1600
Lodging $200
Working hours 12 hours
Rest 2 days per month
Age 40 below
Valid license
Fit and Strong
Hardworking and obedient
Job scope
Delivery of goods
Loading and unloading
General work
Currently Spass in Singapore
I Need 2 Years Driving Experience

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