Craftsman cum general worker for Singapore

*Advertising Company*
*Craftsman cum general worker*
S pass
*Age: 35 yrs below
*Basic Salary: $1200
*Lodging provided
*Working hours: 9AM-6PM (MONDAY-FRIDAY) 9AM-1PM (SATURDAY)
*Rest Day: 4 days per month
*Able to speak basic English*
*Job scope: Need to know drawing landscape and figures. Hands-on drawing. Construction skills including painting, carpentry and sculpture products. Saw woods and other general duties assigned by management.
*Requirement: At least 4 years craftsman working experience
*Follow go out for installation if needed*
*Able to work independent*
*Must hardworking, willing to learn and work overtime*
*Average O.T: 1.5 or 2.0 times
*2.0 times is pay for work on Sunday or public holiday*
*Average Income: $2000 and above
*Company Benefits: Entitled to 7 days annual leave, 14 days medical leave and AWS if company profit or depends on performance
*Salary Increment: Depends on performance
*Working Location: Defu Lane
* Need provide own landscape or figures drawing*

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