Singapore Requirements

*SP- Dormitory Cleaner SP / General Worker*

*Salary : $1200sgd + housing provided,*
Working hours: 12 hours + 1 hour break, 1 off day a month,
Male, 28-48, Speak simple English, Experience in any cleaning,
-Simple to work, Sweeping, Empty rubbish bins, able to carry very heavy rubbish bin and tidy dormitories.

*Worker Holding SP/Special pass & with deposit can be applied*

*Now apply , student pass cancel special pass worker also can apply*


Spass cleaning job coffe shop or child care

Spass worker live spass worker only can apply no need others

Salary = 1200sgd + 200 housing + meal
1 month off 2 days
working hours depends. up to 12 hrs a day


Nationality : Indian or PRC
Sex : Male
Pass type : WP & SP

Remuneration :
$1700 (44 hours weekly)
$200 rental subsidy
Monday to saturday (5.5 days)
Over time :1.5x
Public Holiday : 1 more day salary

Job scope :
1)Using the band saw machine to cut meat/ Chill Cut
2)Handle halal food products:
3)Cut chilled/frozen meat:
4)Work in a cold environment
5)Receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery
6)Cut, bone, or grind pieces of meat
7)Able to use Band saw Machines
8)Weigh, wrap, and display cuts of meat
9)Cut or prepare meats to specification or customer’s orders
10)Store meats in refrigerators or freezers at the required temperature

Job requirements :
1)Keep an inventory of meat sales and order meat supplies
2)Ability to work as a team and follow directions.
3)Adherence to all quality and safety guidelines.
4)Clean equipment and work areas to maintain health and sanitation standards
5)Performs other duties assigned by Supervisor

Healthcare Industry
• $1,400 + bonus
• 6 Days Work Week / Rotating Shift (7am – 3pm / 1pm – 9pm) / 1 Year Contract (Renewable)
• North Location / Near MRT

Job Description

• Work in the Inpatient ward area
• Clean, disinfect and ensure bed/ environment is ready for inpatient
• Clean and disinfect toilet
• Topping up consumables
• Disinfect and dispose waste/ discharge from patients
• General cleaning – mopping, wiping, disinfecting


• Ability to work weekends and public holidays


We would like to invite interested applicants to email detailed resume in MS

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