Singapore Requirements

*SP- Dormitory Cleaner SP / General Worker*

*Salary : $1200sgd + housing provided,*
Working hours: 12 hours + 1 hour break, 1 off day a month,
Male, 28-48, Speak simple English, Experience in any cleaning,
-Simple to work, Sweeping, Empty rubbish bins, able to carry very heavy rubbish bin and tidy dormitories.

*Worker Holding SP/Special pass & with deposit can be applied*

*Immediate apply!!!*


*S Pass electrical supervisor needed worker must be in Singapore..
>have to go interview
>1200 $
>ot 1.5..housing provided
Must be in sg now and Can start work immediately


* 2 yr Pcm u turn (or) special pass (or)visit pass only can apply *

*PCM Worker (Fresh or U turn)
Require: 2 NTS Indian/ bangla / Thailand*


Basic Salary : S$800 per month
Fixed OT : S$300 per month

Working Hours :

Monday to Friday : 08.30 to 19.30
Saturday : 08.30 to 14.30

Company provide housing

We are collecting biohazardous hospital waste

Job: Incineration of biohazard waste, housekeeping, cleaning of bin.


Spass class 3 driver

Must be spass r special pass worker

Catering company need

Salary $ 1500+250$ housing
Working time 12 hours
Two days off
Delivery, Loading and unloading

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